Optimize Google Analytics 4 page load time

Google will take you sites loading time into account when ranking your website.
So you want to make it as fast as possible.

If you use Google Analytics and maybe also Google Adsense, then they might be a big factor why your site is loading slowly.

With a pretty small code snippet you can increase the loading time with GP4.

Increase your website loading time with this Google Analytics code. (GP4)

It might be a bit hard for some people to set this up if you’re not a savvy user that are OK with getting dirty with file-editing and messing with the code.

Here’s the site with the code snippet and a tutorial how to set it up.

Optimize Windows 10 with this tweak!

The easiest way to optimize Windows 10 and give it a bit of boost does not even require you to download any application.

Just click on the Windows start menu button and type sysdm.cpl and run that file.

Click on the tab called Advanced.

Now, start to uncheck all things you think is unnecessary.

This is most usefull for older computers, if you got a fairly new PC you wont see much improvement.

Also, make sure you remove junk files to boost your PC even more.

CCleaner – Clean Your Computer and make it faster!

CCleaner is a program that will help you to remove a lot of junk files that you and your system doesn’t need anymore. It will free up hard drive space which will make your computer a bit faster. CCleaner can also optimize your Windows Registry which will also boost the performance of your computer.

CCleaner - Clean Your Computer

I got some other features that you really should checkout too. Remember to make a restore point before using CCleaner. Nothing have ever gone wrong for me, but do it just in case.

The thing about CCLeaner is that it is using many of Windows own features but they’re just collected under one application.

For cleaning up old Windows temporary files and such, click on start and paste this command and hit your enter button:


However, a lot of people prefer CCLeaner since it’s really simple to use and you can download and install it within some seconds.

Website: CCleaner