Sauerbraten – Free First Person Shooter With Online Play

Sauerbraten is a free First Person Shooter game with online play. The game is pretty similar to Unreal Tournament and there’s several servers to connect to.
There’s even maps that’s designed identical to some maps in Unreal Tournament.

The game is very popular . Sauerbraten is based on the Cube 2 engine.

Website: Sauerbraten

Zelda Classic – Free Role Playing Game

Zelda Classic is the name of a free RPG. I’m sure most of you have been playing Zelda on Nintendo 8-Bit. This is the same game but with a twist! There’s some new quests and better graphic (you can choose to play with the classic graphic if you prefer that.) There’s also some new enemies and items.

Zelda Classic Screenshot
Website: Zelda Classic