Sauerbraten – Free First Person Shooter With Online Play

Sauerbraten is a free First Person Shooter game with online play. The game is pretty similar to Unreal Tournament and there’s several servers to connect to.
There’s even maps that’s designed identical to some maps in Unreal Tournament.

The game is very popular . Sauerbraten is based on the Cube 2 engine.

Website: Sauerbraten

Simutrans – A Free Game Like Transport Tycoon

Simutrans is a game that’s very similar to the classic game called Transport Tycoon.

It’s all about transportation and building up your company from the ground and become the most successful transport company in the industry.
Transport both gods and people from one destination to another.

You have to build roads, railroads, tunnels, airports and buy the vehicles.
It might sound too easy but there’s some challenges.

Lots of times you cant just build a railroad straight from A to B. You might have to build it around a hill, or do you want to build a tunnel instead. What’s the cheapest and most efficient way that will earn you the most money?

Website: Simutrans

Savage 2 – Free Adventure Game In 3D With Online Play

Savage 2 – Free Adventure Game in 3D with Online Play

This is an adventure game that is filled with action and adventure. Here you play as a team and your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy teams command center. This game requires several skills during the game play. The players are required to develop skills of the game, good strategies to win and a good commander to coordinate the teams efforts and win the game.

In this game you can choose your own classes and technologies that can be used during game play. The commander can research new technologies and help the team players by providing a better chance to win. A player in Savage2 has the following attributes – Health, Mana, Stamina, Armor and Experience.

Savage 2 - Free Adventure Game In 3D With Online Play 1

During game play, players will re-spawn after different intervals of time that is set by the economy of the team. This game involves other cool features like collecting the souls to gain more game points and add-ons.

This game has a wide set of game types, units, items and match levels. This is a great game that involves strategy and action. Moreover this is a free game. You will definitely enjoy this game online!

Website: Savage 2 – Free Adventure Game In 3D With Online Play