Block MultiCast from the Build-in Firewall (Windows10 & More!)

This simple command might save you some time and increase your security if you want to block MultiCast traffic.

It sometimes happens that some device connected to your network, like a phone, PC, TVs are sending way more announce packages than needed.

It’s mostly used for example devices such as ChromeCast, MiraCast, TVs and computers too. They send this
kind of traffic to let every other device in the same network to let them know they exist.
And maybe you don’t use that feature at all. Then it’s really unnecessary.
So, what’s it used for? It short it’s a protocol made for LANs and VLANs and such.

It will add all the rules you need and apply it for the all profiles in the Windows Firewall. (Private, Domain, Public).

Block MultiCast/BroadCast from your Windows PC from CMD.exe or PowerShell.
Start CMD.exe or PowerShell by right-clicking on it and choose “Run as administrator.
Once one of those applications above loads up. Run this command.

Netsh advfirewall set allprofiles settings unicastresponsetomulticast disable

It should work the most newer versions of Windows. Windows 10 is a given but I think it might work with Windows 7 and all the way up to Windows 10.

Stop Microsoft from Spying on everything you do. (Block Telemetry)

Most people know that the Windows Operative System is sending lots of information about their users to Microsofts servers.

What kind of information are they collecting? Why do they need more than information about bugs, what version you have of their product so they can send the right ones so you can update your system and information that really is needed to use Windows from day to day.

I don’t want to send everything I type, every URL I visit, the kinds of media I’m listening to or watching. Because that is private information and I like to be able to choose what kind of stuff corporations know about me.

If you want to block some of some of Microsofts Telemetry Servers then copy the list below and paste it at the end of your HOSTS file.
You’re doing this at your own risk. I’ve done it among several other people and my PC seem to be working fine.

You first need to run Notepad as Administrator, click on Windows Start button, type Notepad and Rightclick on it and choose to run it as Administrator.

In the Notepad meny, Open this file:

Now, copy the list below and paste it at the bottom of the file, then save it and close NotePad. Now these servers should be blocked.

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