RARBG Tracker not Working? Read Why + Fix it!

One of the most popular torrent websites called RARBG did shut down a couple of days ago.

They only show a short message on their website now, lots of excuses.
Below is a screenshot from RARBG.

But the main reason is probably that the people behind the website is from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is more or less “forced” by the USA to create a new law that aims to criminalize and prosecute people who create conditions for piracy.

If someone is convicted, there’s a chance to get a prison sentences of up to 6 years.

Get more seeders and peers to download torrents from.

I assume you’re downloading legal torrents of course.
But you might have problems to find new seeders and peers to download from.

You can add more trackers to find more seeders & peers!

1: Just copy the torrent tracker list.

2: Open your BitTorrent client, select the torrent. Click on the tab trackers.
And then right click in the tracker list add add the list you’ve just copied.
(This apply to qBitTorrent, it may vary from the torrent software you’re using.)

3: In qBitTorrent: Go to Tools / Preferences / Click on the BitTorrent icon.
Enable DHT and also PEX.

4: Now, click on the Advance icon.
Close to the bottom of the list of features, you’ll see:
“Always announce to all trackers” and “Always announce to all tiers”.
Enable both of them.

If you need a good BitTorrent client, you can download qBitTorrent here.

Add new features for cmd.exe and Powershell

At Microsofts website there’s a package named “Sysinternals Suite” that contains 146 tools that you can make to be usable in cmd.exe and Powershell.

The package contains lots of missing features/commands that is very usable if you’re running Windows on your PC.

For example you’ll be able to use commands such as “whois NordicNode.com” and other tools that can display all kinds of information about your computers hardware, software and currently active processes and even more cool things.

Add command tools for Windows for extra features

Lets get going with the HOWTO.

1: Start by download the package called “Sysinternals Suite” at Microsofts website.

Now, make a folder somewhere on your computer and extract the zip file to that directory.

2: Click on the Windows startmenu button and type “Edit environment variables for your account” and click on it.

In the top listbox there should be a line with the variable name “Path”, select it and click “Edit…”.

3: Now, click “New” and type the location the directory that you extracted the zip file to.

4: Done! Try out the tools in CMD.exe or PowerShell.

DHT, PxE and Local Peer Disc. and private trackers?

As some of you might know, adding peers to private torrents is not allowed on many private trackers.

Thankfully qBittorrent won’t be using DHT, PxE or Local Peer Discovery when a torrent is marked as private.

DHT and PxE and Local Peer Discovery

You can check this yourself by clicking on the “Trackers”-button.
Check the list of trackers. On top you’ll see all 3 of these listed, and with the text “Disabled for this torrent”.

So you can safely use DHT and PxE and Local Peer Discovery while using private trackers.

Also, if you got a torrent that’s stuck, try to add more torrent announce trackers.

Remove the Google Cookie Consent Dialog with uBlock

Here is a simple way to get rid of the annoying Google Cookie Consent Dialog by using uBlock Origin.

You might not need the lines with the “google.se” domain, or you can change them to another country TLD.

! Remove the Google Consent Dialog // Nordicnode.com
www.google.com##html:style(overflow: visible !important;)

www.google.se##html:style(overflow: visible !important;)

Get uBlock Origin for Firefox or Chrome.

The Best Free RAMDisk for Windows 32 & 64-Bit!

I’ve tried several RAMDisk softwares before I found one that were free and worked under Windows 10 64-Bit.
The RAMDisk I use is called ImDisk Toolkit, and I find it pretty much perfect. It got plenty of features which should cover pretty much every users needs.
It might also save a lot of write cycles on your precious SSDs. 😉

RAMDisk for Windows

You can set it up to mount ISO-files and other image file formats if you want to.
Or setup a folder on one of your hard drives and have the content inside it copied to the RAMDisk every time you boot up your PC.
It can also be setup to save the stuff you currently got stored on the RAMDisk to a directory of your choice before you shut down your PC.

You can download ImDisk Toolkit here!