Activate Windows 10 God Mode tricks (Updated!)

Did you know that you can activate God Mode on Windows 10 without installing any software?
With God Mode you get a system shortcut that shows you a large list of Control Panel items.

Updated and new method to activate god mode in Windows 10

Over 200 system options can be found inside the God Mode shortcut.

This is the NEW and UPDATED method to activate god mode:

1: Create a new folder right on your desktop.

2: Give the folder the following name:


The folder will change into a shortcut file. If you open it, you will see a list of every Control Panel setting available in Windows 10.

Optimize Windows 10 with this tweak!

The easiest way to optimize Windows 10 and give it a bit of boost does not even require you to download any application.

Just click on the Windows start menu button and type sysdm.cpl and run that file.

Click on the tab called Advanced.

Now, start to uncheck all things you think is unnecessary.

This is most usefull for older computers, if you got a fairly new PC you wont see much improvement.

Also, make sure you remove junk files to boost your PC even more.