Platinum Arts Sandbox – 3D Game Maker

Platinum Arts Sandbox – 3D Game Maker

This is an open source application that is designed to help potential game designers create 3D games. This is based on the cube2 engine that is a famous 3D game engine. With this you can easily create your own games with custom worlds, levels, adventures, quests, and so on. Modifying an existing game in this is as easy as the click of a button. There are many games that have been created by people using Platinum Arts Sandbox. The sandbox itself has different game modes like sidescroller, machinama, kartmode, RPG (Role Playing Game), and many others.

This software is intended to help kids and adults who have dreamt of gaming application learn how easy it actually is to create games in real life. To make this a great experience for kids, the entire designing screen is made very easy to use and control. Apart from its ease of use, this has other features like power scripting language, height maps to create 3D landscapes, ability to import common object model formats, popular sound format support and support for major IDE.

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Website: Platinum Arts Sandbox – 3D Game Maker

Operator – Surf The Web Anonymously

OperaTor – Surf The Web Anonymously

OperTor is a software bundle that combines the goodness of the Opera browser, Tor and Polipo. This is designed to let you surf the web anonymously. This uses a browser similar to Opera and it allows you to surf the web without letting anyone know your true identity. This is secure enough not even leave any memory traces on your drives. To make the best use of this, you can extract the OperaTor file onto a thumb drive and run the application from it when you are connected to a PC. No files are stored on the PC you connected to when you are browsing.

It should be noted that OperTor supports only HTTP and HTTPS to make your browsing anonymous. But if you are allowing the usage of other Opera features like Java, javascript, integrated emails and so on, you will be losing your anonymity over the web. OperaTor is a freeware application and can be installed without any problems with the license.

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Website: Operator – Surf The Web Anonymously

Real Alternative – Play RealPlayer Files Without RealPlayer

With Real Alternative you’ll be able to play RealPlayer-files without having to install the RealPlayer application.  Personally I don’t like that you have to install a new media player just because some files is in another format. What Real Alternative does is to add support for RealPlayer/RealMedia files in your default media player.
Real Alternative
Website: Real Alternative

Lincity – City Simulation Game Like Simcity

Lincity – City Simulation Game Like Simcity

LinCity is a simulation game that is similar to the famous Sim city. This game is released as an improved version of the classic Lin City game. This is a game in which you can create and build a city and sustain its economy. You can add new houses, roads, trees and other parts of a city. You need to provide all required services to the people in the city. You win this game either by building a sustainable economy or by evacuating all citizens with spaceships.

This is a fun game to play if you like strategy games. Unlike SimCity, this game is a free software. You can download and install this without paying any money, and enjoy the same excitement and challenges as in the original SimCity game.

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Website: Lincity – City Simulation Game Like Simcity