How to set up Windows shortcuts to any directory

This is a simple tutorial how you can create shortcut to folders which you can use in pretty much any Windows application when you need to browse for some files or directories.

Open the start menu and search for “Edit environment variables for your account” (without the quotes) and open it.

Under “User variables for *YourUsername*“, click on “New…“.

In “Variable name” type the shortcut text/name you want to use when browsing for folders/files in any windows application.
Lets say you type “xxx” (without the quotes).

In “Variable value“, this is where you should type or browse to the full path of the directory you want the shortcut to go to.
The directory must already exist, or you can create it while you browse.

For example, lets say you use this path:
“C:\Program Files\SomeFolder\LongPath\Stuff\Hidden\”
(Again, without the quotes)

When done, click OK and then OK again in the background Window.

How to use the shortcut to your directory
Lets say you want to save some image from your web browser.

Just type the following in the filename field of the “Save as…” dialog box to access your directory and press enter:

(You must type % on both site of your shortcut name, otherwise it wont work.)
This will take you to your “hidden directory” or whatever you using the shortcut for.