How to disable Firefox full screen warning notification

You have probably seen the annoying notification that says something like “ is now full screen”.
It does take 3 seconds before it starts to fade out which many people can find really annoying, including me.
So here’s how you get rid of the full screen notification in Firefox (Tested on version 82.0.2).

Type this in the URL bar and press enter:
You’ll see a warning page that you must be careful and such. So to continue click on “Accept the risk” or whatever it says.

Now, search for the line below:

The standard value is 3000, try changing that value to 50.

Some other tutorials suggest 0, but that didn’t work so good on my PC.
You might have to change the value less/more, I guess it depends on your hardware.

You should not even have to restart the browser before it’s working so try it out right away. You might have to refresh the webpage you’re currently on.

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