X205TA – Boot from USB

X205TA (Also known as F205T)
X205TA (Also known as F205T)

It’s a bit frustrating that the X205TA use a 32bit bootloader even when the CPU is 64 bit.

This makes it a bit trickier to boot the X205TA from USB.

If you want to install some Linux distros for example, then continue to read this post.

1: First, “burn” your Linux USB with Rufus for example.

2: Download https://github.com/jfwells/linux-asus-t100ta/blob/master/boot/bootia32.efi

3: Put that file on the Linux USB in this folder: \EFI\BOOT\

4: Start the X205TA, press F2 to get into BIOS.

5: Under the Security tab, Secure Boot menu > Secure Boot Control set to Disabled.

6: Make sure your boot order have USB first.

7: Now, insert the USB and reboot the computer.

Linux should now boot from the USB.

I had problems with the WIFI, couldn’t get it working by the way…

Rufus – Best free app to create bootable USB-sticks (Win, Linux..)

I’ve been playing around with different Linux distros and I seem to be the go-to-guy when someone needs their computer to “get fixed”.

To fix the computers I sometimes have to reinstall everything or boot into a Linux distro to be able to remove viruses, malware and other stuff since Windows is not working properly anymore.

Screenshot of Rufus

Before I found Rufus I used Unetbootin but it did sometimes fail to make the device boot for some unknown reason.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great Open Source app but I personally prefer Rufus over Unetbootin.
Also, Rufus is only available for Windows while Unetbootin have released apps for Windows, Linux and Mac too!

Rufus did make the distros I had problems with bootable. Both, Windows and Linux.
I haven’t played around with Mac or FreeBSD or any other OS.
But Rufus could probably help you with those too!

You can download Rufus for free at their website!
It’s Open Source (released under the GNU General Public License GPL version 3).
It doesn’t contain anything malicious as far as I know. And I’ve been using it for years.