Warzone 2100 – Free Real-Time Strategy War Game

Warzone 2100 Resurrection – Free Real-Time Strategy War Game

Among strategy games, here is one that is a combination of action and strategy. This game is published by Eidos interactive. Warzone 2100 resurrection project is completely free and can be downloaded and played without any licensing issues.

This game is based on a futuristic situation where mankind is almost destroyed by nuclear missiles. Among the remaining people, you are the commander of the forces of The Project. Your aim is to rebuild the earth as it was by controlling your forces. The game offers a complicated extensive tech tree through which you advance. There are over 400 different technologies that you can uncover. In Warzone 2100 resurrection project, you will have a wide variety of weapons and units. You need to use this to come up with the best tactic during gameplay. This game requires good planning and strategic skills. You can play this game in different modes – campaign, tutorial, single-player, multi-player and skirmish modes. Each mode has been designed to give you a different experience in gaming.

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Website: Warzone 2100 – Free Real-Time Strategy War Game

Nvu – Wysiwyg Html Editor


NVU is a free open source software application that can be used to build web pages using a WYSWIG editor. WYSWIG stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. This means you can see the output of the document while you are creating it. NVU, pronounced as “N-view” is a word processor advanced syntax analyzer which easily rivals with well used programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web. But this is a free application. No money and no licensing hassles.

Using NVU is very easy. To get yourself started off with your own website, all you need is a hosted domain space. You can create web pages and just host them on the web server. NVU has a built in site manager which can be used to connect with your remotely hosted files via FTP. This is as good as a programming IDE can get when you are getting it for free.

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Website: Nvu – Wysiwyg Html Editor

Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

If you are tired of the same old wallpaper on your desktop and you wish it changed automatically, you need Jellybean. This is a small application that is very light on your system resources, which performs the work of shuffling the wallpaper for you. This supports three main graphic formats – jpg, gif and bmp.

This software allows you to quickly add as many images as needed to its database. Once you have added all the images, a list of thumbnails is displayed. You could select any one of that picture to be your wallpaper, or the software will randomly select wallpaper for you. A new wallpaper is displayed every time you boot the computer. You can set the application settings to use centered, tiled or stretched wallpapers. This is a free software. You can download and use this on your system without any additional cists.

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Website: Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

Autogk – Easily Convert Your DVDs To Divx Or Xvid

AutoGK – Easily Convert Your DVDs To Divx Or Xvid

Auto Gordian Knot is a software that is created to backup DivX and XviD video files. This is one of the best utilities to rip your DVDs to DivX or Xvid.

This also supports may input formats like DVD, VOB, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, DV and direct video streams. Any of these input formats can be converted to XviD od DivX formats. This also converts Audio tracks while maintaining a high quality of sound. This allows input streams in the form of AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA and converts them to AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR or MP3 sound formats. The surround sound quality in the converted videos will be maintained when you convert videos from this as it supports high quality 2 track audio for AVIs.

With this you can not only retains the subtitles, but you can also add your own subtitles. Other additional features of this software include support for HDTV, variable frame rates, auto-crop, auto input source detection and automatic deinterlacer. With this you can also split the video tracks into sizes that fit into CDs.

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Website: Autogk – Easily Convert Your Dvds To Divx Or Xvid

Quicksys Regdefrag – Free Utility To Defrag Registry

Quicksys RegDefrag is no longer an active project. You should try CCleaner instead as it can also clean up the registry.

Old article:
Quicksys RegDefrag – Free Utility To Defrag Registry

Quacksys is a tool you could use to de-fragment the memory occupied by your registry files. In your system, registry files are written, updated and deleted very often. These registry files are required during the start of each application and while the application is running. If the memory area containing the registry files is fragmented, then your system can slow down considerably. This is when Quicksys comes to the rescue.

This is a freeware application that is small, lightweight and easy to use. This application removes the fragmented spaces and gaps in the registry area. This application works very well with the files and it does not modify any existing registry files. Because of its geat functionality, Quicksys greatly improves the performance and reduces the time required to access your registry files. This has a very easy to use user interface and it provides detailed reports on the actions it performed. This tool is great for people who just want to make their systems run fast as well is computer geeks who want to know about the workings of the registry in-depth.