Don’t buy the Ulefone Armor X7 (Pro) phone!

I bought this this phone in 2020. And I’ve really disliked it since I got it.
I cant afford to buy a new phone right now so I’m stuck with this crap.

Ulefone sucks!


  • Good battery life, it can last for days with “normal use”.
  • You can drop it, hit the screen believe me, I’ve tried it really hard and and the screen didn’t break.
  • It got a extra button on the side of the phone, you can set up custom shortcuts with it. Like turning the flashlight on/off and other things.


  • Not many people seem to be interested in this phone so there is little to no chance to change to a custom rom.
    I would like to run LineageOS on it, or any other rom for that matter. But there’s nothing out there.
  • You cant uninstall some of the crap apps that comes preinstalled.
    This is really annoying.

These are the 2 main bad things about it. But it’s enough to piss me off.
If there only was a way to switch firmware the phone be pretty OK.

And why cant the user decide if we want apps installed or not.
I would never ever buy it again, or any other phone from Ulefone.

I suggest you go for the OnePlus N100 instead.