Chrome & Vivaldi: Change the CACHE location & Size

This is mostly a note for myself but I’m sure some people will find it useful too.

If you want to change the cache location of where Chrome, Vivaldi and probably other browsers that use the same rendering engine, this is how you do it the easy way.
But this is only for the Shortcut, if some other application starts your browser for example, these parameters wouldn’t be used.
It’s a minor problem, at least for me… I just replace all the shortcuts to Vivaldi I have.

I use a free RamDisk for Windows because I work a lot with temporary files and it’s faster than any harddrive. So that’s where I also place the web browser cache.

1: Right-click on your Chrome/Vivaldi-shortcut and click on “Properties”.

2: Under the tab “Shortcut” you’ll see the field “Target”. Right at the end of the path to the “.exe” file is where you place the parameters for cache directory location and also how much space it should be able to use.

This is the shortcut I use for example. X: is the RamDisk, and 350000000 = 350 MB.

"C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" --disk-cache-dir="x:\Temp" --disk-cache-size-350000000

I hope you find it useful!