USB PC Lock Pro – Lock Your PC with a USB stick

USB PC Lock Pro – Lock Your PC

If you are worried about the sensitive data on your system, you need to make sure your computer stays locked to avoid unauthorized access. To make sure you lock your computer, USB PC Lock Pro is a software that can create a key for you. With this application you can convert any USB into a key that prevents people from unauthorized use of the computer. This automatically locks your computer and performs other security related operations when you step away from your computer.

Apart from locking your computer, this also locks MSN Messenger, stops any streaming media, Mutes audio, Start / Stop the event logger, Start / Stop batch processing. This is good enough to make sure that all your private data is kept private. USB PC Lock Pro is a completely free software application. You can download this and use it without any licensing or any need to pay money.

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Website: Usb Pc Lock Pro – Lock Your Pc

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