Siw – Gathers Detailed Information About Your Pc

SIW – Gathers Detailed Information about Your PC

This is a great utility that you can use to get all the information about your windows system. SIW is a utility that scans your system to get all the system properties and stores in a file. You have the option of saving the results in any kind of a report file. This can be TXT, CSI, HTML or XML. This software collects information in 6 major categories:

– Software Information: Information about Operating System, Installed Software and Hotfixes, Processes, Services, Users, OpenĀ Files, System Uptime, Installed Codecs, Software Licenses
– Hardware Information: Information about Motherboard, Sensors, BIOS, CPU, chipset, Ports and other devices that are connected to your computer.
– Network Information: Network Cards, Network Shares, currently active Network Connections, Open Ports.
– Network Tools: MAC Address Changer, Neighborhood Scan, Ping, Trace, Statistics or other such software that may be installed on the system.
– Miscellaneous Tools: Information about your systems shutdown and restart functionalities and information about access properties. This even shows you lost passwords on your system.
– Real-time monitors: Information on CPU, Memory, Page File usage and Network Traffic.

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