Updated WordPress Blog Ping List (2021)

Have you seen a gigantic list of blog ping URLs or is currently using such a huge list of blog ping services?
I’m talking about close to hundreds of URLs.

Take a minute to look through them. I bet 90% probably are probably not working.

It will only take more unnecessary time for you to post your blog posts and it will also use more resources from your web server.

The screenshot below show my old WordPress ping list, there’s like 80 more blog ping services except the ones you see in the screenshot.

Too many old blog ping services.

You don’t gain much if you’re using the huge lists many other sites got.
They’re not updated anyway and contain a lot of 404 sites.

Instead, just use a few blog ping services that actually works in 2021. The following is a updated list of 8 ping sites.

Here’s the Blog Ping List for 2021 I currently use.


That’s all for now. 🙂

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