Stop WordPress spam comments with this trick

Are you also getting thousands of spam comments on your WordPress blog?
Then it’s time to do something about that.

Akismet is a really good plugin that’s doing a amazing job, you should really use it if you’re not, however it doesn’t stop all of the spam comments.

The following is a simple “trick” I use on some of my websites and it works pretty good.

Most spammers use software that sends spam comments to blogs automatically, so most of the time the spammer wont see your website at all.

Stop WordPress spam comments
Stop WordPress spam comments

The “trick” I’m sharing is a simple but effective one. Ok, lets get to it.

You should simply hide the URL text field in the comment form.
Most people wont mind.

And what’s the reason you should hide it? Because if someone posts a URL in that field when it’s hidden, you’ll know it’s a spammer bot posting.

Here’s how you make it work on your site. On WordPress admin page, go to:
Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

Now, add this bit of CSS code to hide the URL text field.

.comment-form input[type="url"] {
    display: none;

Then save it.
Hopefully it will work and you wont see the URL text field any more.

Now, go to Settings > Discussion.

In the Disallowed Comment Keys field, type “http” without the quotes and hit the save button.

Remember that users wont be able to write URLs in your comment field either and you might want to tell your visitors about that.

But in my experience, people that posts URLs in the comment text field is mostly spammers anyway.