Try these tips to fix the PS3 error 80010017

What’s causing the PS3 to display tje error code 80010017?
There can be several reasons why this is happening. First of all, if you are playing the game from a disc, make sure it’s clean.

PS3 error 80010017

Does the PS3 disc contain scratches? That might be the cause of the 80010017 error. The disc is basically trash. But before you throw it away, try to clean it really well with soap. Make sure it’s dry when testing it again. (doh!)

How is the DVD drive? Have it been getting slower and slower? A failing DVD drive might be the cause.

If you’re using a firmware called Ferrox, then you should try with another firmware instead. I suggest you go with Evilnat CFW.

Some people say that this error might be caused by a failing bluetooth device. The solution would be to install a firmware (Special version of Evilnat CFW) without bluetooth support.

As you can see, there’s several reasons you could receive the error code 80010017 on your PS3.

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