NexusFile – A Free Small And Fast File-Manager

NexusFile is a small file-manager for Windows, but it still got lots of neat features. Don’t let the file size fool you.
It look pretty much like Total Commander, which is a well-known file-manager for Windows.

With NexusFile, you can manage many files very fast and easily. Moving files around, copying, compress or uncompressed is much easier and faster than using Windows standard built in file-manager. If you still use Windows Explorer, you must try this one.

Nexusfile - A Free Small And Fast File-Manager 1

It’s unfortunately only made for the Windows Operative System so Linux and Mac users would have too look for something else.

Some of the functions included in NexusFile is:
Easily rename thousands of files.
Great handling of archives like ZIP, RAR and several more formats.
And the 2 folder layout that similar applications use, it make’s doing the actual “file managing” so much better than just using one directory at a time.
Another feature is that it can also connect to FTP-servers.

If you don’t like the look of the application you can try another skin or why not make your own?

Website: NexusFile – A Free Small And Fast File-Manager