SOLVED! Stop the noise/static sound in Linux

A while ago I posted a crappy quick fix solution for the static, buzzing noise sound problem that a lot of Linux users have. It seems to be a pretty common problem for those who run Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Xubuntu and also other Linux distros.

I finally figured out what was causing the problem.
I’ll explain how to fix the problem with the crackling noise in Linux below.

The solution to the static noise problem in Linux

Open the terminal and type:
sudo nano /etc/pulse/

You will now have to type your admin password.
Once the file is open in nano, press CTRL + W to open the search field.
Type “suspend” without the quotes and press Enter.

You will now see this line:

### Automatically suspend sinks/sources that become idle for too long
load-module module-suspend-on-idle

You need to disable this line. Just type “#” without the quotes in front of the line with the text “load-module module-suspend-on-idle”.

It should now look like this:

### Automatically suspend sinks/sources that become idle for too long
#load-module module-suspend-on-idle

Save the file by pressing CTRL + S. Then exit with CTRL + X.

Reboot your computer.

Hopefully you’ll be free from the annoying static sound.

LinuxMint: Static, crackling noise. [My Solution]


The old post:

I’ve been trying to fix the static, crackling background noise I get in Linux Mint.
The static noise starts as soon as Linux Mint is starting.

But when I start a application like YouTube with a video playing in my web browser or listen to some song in Rhythmbox for example, then the static crackling noise stops.

I have tried so many things that people have posted in forums that they think will solve this issue, but none of them ever does.

It’s extremely annoying to hear that buzzing sound, so I’m posting my “solution” to get rid of the static noise until this bug is fixed.

It’s a pretty crappy solution, I admit that. But I rather use this “solution”, rather than hearing that static crackling noise.

LinuxMint: Static, crackling noise. [My Solution]

My temporary “solution” for this problem until the noise bug is fixed is to open a webpage that is playing a MP3 file that is totally silent.
I will then pin the tab so it wont take up unnecessary space in the web browsers tabs field.

Remember to let the browser auto play the MP3 by clicking on the icon to the left in your address bar.

Here is the webpage with the silent MP3 file.

The MP3 file is 1 hour and 20 minutes long but takes less than 5 MB. So you will not waste much bandwidth. It will also loop once it reaches the end of the file.

It’s a crappy “fix”, but it’ll have to do for now.