Add new features for cmd.exe and Powershell

At Microsofts website there’s a package named “Sysinternals Suite” that contains 146 tools that you can make to be usable in cmd.exe and Powershell.

The package contains lots of missing features/commands that is very usable if you’re running Windows on your PC.

For example you’ll be able to use commands such as “whois” and other tools that can display all kinds of information about your computers hardware, software and currently active processes and even more cool things.

Add command tools for Windows for extra features

Lets get going with the HOWTO.

1: Start by download the package called “Sysinternals Suite” at Microsofts website.

Now, make a folder somewhere on your computer and extract the zip file to that directory.

2: Click on the Windows startmenu button and type “Edit environment variables for your account” and click on it.

In the top listbox there should be a line with the variable name “Path”, select it and click “Edit…”.

3: Now, click “New” and type the location the directory that you extracted the zip file to.

4: Done! Try out the tools in CMD.exe or PowerShell.