RARBG Tracker not Working? Read Why + Fix it!

One of the most popular torrent websites called RARBG did shut down a couple of days ago.

They only show a short message on their website now, lots of excuses.
Below is a screenshot from RARBG.

But the main reason is probably that the people behind the website is from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is more or less “forced” by the USA to create a new law that aims to criminalize and prosecute people who create conditions for piracy.

If someone is convicted, there’s a chance to get a prison sentences of up to 6 years.

Get more seeders and peers to download torrents from.

I assume you’re downloading legal torrents of course.
But you might have problems to find new seeders and peers to download from.

You can add more trackers to find more seeders & peers!

1: Just copy the torrent tracker list.

2: Open your BitTorrent client, select the torrent. Click on the tab trackers.
And then right click in the tracker list add add the list you’ve just copied.
(This apply to qBitTorrent, it may vary from the torrent software you’re using.)

3: In qBitTorrent: Go to Tools / Preferences / Click on the BitTorrent icon.
Enable DHT and also PEX.

4: Now, click on the Advance icon.
Close to the bottom of the list of features, you’ll see:
“Always announce to all trackers” and “Always announce to all tiers”.
Enable both of them.

If you need a good BitTorrent client, you can download qBitTorrent here.

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