Openoffice – Complete Office Suite For Your Pc

OpenOffice – Complete Office Suite For Your PC

Open Office provides a complete office solution to your PC for free. You could compare this with MS office suite which consists of a bunch of office solutions. This application has been created based on the standard OpenDocument format to allow easy exchange of data with accepted default file formats. This has language for support for over 80 different languages.

This is usually packaged with the following office components:
Writer: A work processor similar to Microsoft Word.
Calc: A spread sheet application like Microsoft Excel. This is extremely useful for displaying reports and statistics.
Impress: A presentation program similar to Microsoft Power point
Base: A light weight database engine like Microsoft Access
Draw: A vector based drawing tool. This can be compared to Microsoft Visio, but this has far reaching capabilities to create drawings.
Math: This is a tool for editing mathematical formulae. This can be used to create all the Greek and Latin alphabets with various mathematical signs.

This is an ongoing project as well as a product. This is an opensource application which is widely used as a free alternative for MS Office in non windows systems.

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