Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

Vuze is a Torrent client very similar to BitComet or uTorrent. This was previous distributed under the name of Azureus. This is a free software and you can download this without buying any licensing.

A torrent is a stream of data that you receive in bits and chunks from different computers. All these data together will join to form one file once all the data is downloaded. This is a great method to download movies, songs and big files over the internet. This is a rather simple application to use. To download a file using Vize, you just have to download a torrent file that has the information about the bits and pieces of the actual file. Once you download this Vuze starts searching for those bits and pieces and downloads them. You can see a very good view of the download process in the piece graph of the file.

Vuze - Popular Bittorrent Client 1

Website: Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

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