Translate.Net – Translate Words And Phrases

Translate.Net – Translate Words And Phrases

There are a number of different languages in a world and applications / websites have to support all these. If you have seen some of the famous site like YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo etc, provide content in different languages, you now have the solution to that. is an application that helps you translate simple words and phrases from one language to another. This uses simple word-to-word conversion between languages. The dictionary that is used by this is a freeware dictionary that is also used by sites like Google translator, Wikitionary, Yahoo Babel fish translator, Systran translator, Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus, and so on.

This is a completely free download. To use this you need to just download and install Translate.Net. This software requires to be connected to the internet as it needs to get an updated list of dictionary words each time it performs a search. Here you type in the phrase you want to convert, select the languages and press Translate. It is as simple as that.

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Website: Translate.Net – Translate Words And Phrases

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