Drivespacio – Information About Your Harddrives

DriveSpacio – Information About Your Harddrives

This is a useful little tool that displays detailed information about your hard drive usage. This displays intuitive information about the available free space in the disk, how is the disk used, and who is using the used disk space. A simple use of this tool is to clear data on your pen drive.

You can use this software to find information about the way the space on your pen drive is used so that you can delete the required information to make space on it. Similarly, when you have junk data on your hard drive, you can easily check if the amount of data needs to be cleaned using this tool.

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This is a free ware. You can download this without paying any money. Unlike most software that gives you information about disk usage, this has a very good and useful display. Why would you want to go for a paid tool that you rarely use when you can download DriveSpacio.

Website: Drivespacio – Information About Your Harddrives