Smokin Guns – Fps Game In Wild West

Smokin Guns – FPS Game in Wild West

Its just cowboys, guns and bullets in this game. This is a completely amazing first person shooter game where you are a cowboy and you need to search and kill the targets. This game is similar to counter strike where you have a set of weapons and you can use them to defeat the enemies.

In this game you have pistols, rifles, knives which be used as a close combat tool or as a short distance combat tool. The important part in this game is aiming. This is where practice makes you perfect. Apart from that you have a set of objectives that you need to fill. You have different types of game plays in this. This includes death match, team death match, round team play, bank robbery and duel.

This game is an open source application, meaning you can download and play this game with great graphics and thrilling gameplay without paying any money.

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