Scorched 3D – Strategy Game Like Worms With A Twist

Scorched 3D – Strategy Game like Worms with a Twist

Scorched 3D is a modernized version of the old Scorched Earth DOS game. This game has great 3D graphics with some great animations. This game is similar to Worms, which involves turn based game play, but with 3D graphics and several other enhancements. This game is completely free to download and install and it is available for Windows, UNIX versions like Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Solarix, and so on.

This is a great game to play with other players online. This is simple to learn and play and enjoy. You can with up to 20 players online. This is a simple game where you have to adjust your power and trajectory, and shoot. You have an inventory of weapons that you can upgrade using your prize money. You can play your own game of your liking by setting environmental and economic conditions or play existing games on online servers.

To make things always exciting, Scorched 3D has a set of users online who are always creating new maps and players. You can join online forums and discuss the game strategies and updates.

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