Operator – Surf The Web Anonymously

OperaTor – Surf The Web Anonymously

OperTor is a software bundle that combines the goodness of the Opera browser, Tor and Polipo. This is designed to let you surf the web anonymously. This uses a browser similar to Opera and it allows you to surf the web without letting anyone know your true identity. This is secure enough not even leave any memory traces on your drives. To make the best use of this, you can extract the OperaTor file onto a thumb drive and run the application from it when you are connected to a PC. No files are stored on the PC you connected to when you are browsing.

It should be noted that OperTor supports only HTTP and HTTPS to make your browsing anonymous. But if you are allowing the usage of other Opera features like Java, javascript, integrated emails and so on, you will be losing your anonymity over the web. OperaTor is a freeware application and can be installed without any problems with the license.

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