Info about c0ffeec0-ffee-c0ff-eec0-ffeec0ffeec0

INFO: c0ffeec0-ffee-c0ff-eec0-ffeec0ffeec0

Are you having the string “c0ffeec0-ffee-c0ff-eec0-ffeec0ffeec0” as Mozilla Firefox Client ID?

It looks pretty weird right?

Lots of people wonder if they’ve been hacked. Or if their computer have been infected by some kind of virus or malware.

c0ffeec0-ffee-c0ff-eec0-ffeec0ffeec0 - Do you want to know what it is?

The reason you see c0ffeec0-ffee-c0ff-eec0-ffeec0ffeec0 as a client ID in Firefox web browser is because you have opt out of the Firefox Telemetry.

It’s a string that replaces the otherwise unique Firefox client ID. I admit it looks weird.

But you got nothing to worry about! But remember to always have a antivirus program installed on your computer anyway.

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