Whocrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

WhoCrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

With windows, you might have faced one of the most serious and common problems of all – a crash. Applications or the windows system may often crash and completely stop responding. You may lose several files if you are unlucky when this happens. It is always good to know who the culprit is. Now it is easy to know that with WhoCrashed – A tool to find the source of an application or system crash.

WhoCrashed keeps a check over the system drivers as these are the ones that usually cause system crashes. With a single click you will get a list of all the faulty drivers. If you know the faulty driver, you can easily change the driver or reinstall to make your computer more robust and more trustable when you are doing heavy tasks that consume resources.

WhoCrashed also gives a lot of additional information which is a complete eye candy for geeks. The information provided by this is dependable. If WhoCrash cannot find the exact application, then it will find a general cause and let you know that you need to dig deeper to find the actual culprit. This is a freeware application.

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Website: Whocrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

FreeCommander – Windows File Manager With Lots Of Features

FreeCommander is a free file manager for Windows. Some of you might have been using Total Commander, and FreeCommander is more or less a free clone of Total Commander.

FreeCommander got features like:
Built in archive handling
Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders
and lots of more nice features. If you still use the built in Windows file manager, then do yourself a favor and try FreeCommander.

Website: FreeCommander