Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The Rightclick-Menu

Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The RightClick-Menu

This is a simple application that is designed to make your experience with windows richer. If you have commonly used internet explorer or other such applications, you might have used the bookmarks utility to save the websites that you commonly visit in a quick access database. Shock Bookmark is another such utility that is bound to make your windows browsing experience faster.

In windows you usually end up having a jungle of folders and files, which gets harder and harder to manage as their number increase. With Shock Bookmark, you can just add the location of your favorite file to a list of windows bookmarks. To make things simpler, Shock Bookmark can be accessed just with right-click. You can access all the files stored in shock bookmark by just right-clicking in an empty area in the windows screen. Similarly you can add a folder, file or application by just right clicking on its icon. Now all you have to do to access your favorite file/folder is just right-click.

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Website: Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The Rightclick-Menu

Oneswarm – Anonymous File-Sharing

OneSwarm – Anonymous File-Sharing

Peer to Peer technology is booming now with the ever increasing number of torrents. OneSwarm is a peer-to-peer tool that can be used to share files while you protect your own identity. Most existing peer-to-peer application like BitComet, uTorrent and Gnutella display your IP to everyone when you are sharing files. This can be sometimes malicious as other can know exactly how you are using your system by systematically monitoring your IP. OneSwarm on the other hand, keeps your IP completely hidden. With this you have protected access to your system. You can only share files with your friends and others you intentionally want to allow access. Due to its nature of data sharing, this has been called a Friend-to-Friend data sharing.

The main advantages of this are – It uses address rewriting to protect your privacy; it has a user friendly web interface; it is an open source. Meaning you can share files with your friends while you stay protected and use this service for free.

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Website: Oneswarm – Anonymous File-Sharing