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Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

If you are tired of the same old wallpaper on your desktop and you wish it changed automatically, you need Jellybean. This is a small application that is very light on your system resources, which performs the work of shuffling the wallpaper for you. This supports three main graphic formats – jpg, gif and bmp.

This software allows you to quickly add as many images as needed to its database. Once you have added all the images, a list of thumbnails is displayed. You could select any one of that picture to be your wallpaper, or the software will randomly select wallpaper for you. A new wallpaper is displayed every time you boot the computer. You can set the application settings to use centered, tiled or stretched wallpapers. This is a free software. You can download and use this on your system without any additional cists.

Jellybean - Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper 1

Website: Jellybean – Automatically Changes Your Wallpaper

Google Chrome – A Fast And Secure Webbrowser From Google

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Google Chrome – A Fast And Secure Webbrowser From Google

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. If you have used internet explorer or mozilla firefox, you will be amazed at the way chrome works. This browser has only the required features and an extremely easy-to-use user interface. To make your browsing experience richer google has gone to great lengths to increase the browsing area. The tabs are placed in the windows bar and the status bar is hidden when you dont need it. This does not have any additional toolbars that makes the browsing area congested. Another great feature of this is the integration of google search with the address bar. You just have one address bar for everything. This also has a feature to display a list of websites that you commonly use. Once you start using chrome, browsing the internet is a much richer experience. To top it all, it is free. So download chrome now.

Google Chrome - A Fast And Secure Webbrowser From Google 1

Website: Google Chrome – A Fast And Secure Webbrowser From Google

Quakelive – Play Quake Online Multiplayer For Free

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

QuakeLive – Play Quake Online Multiplayer For Free

QuakeLive is an online internet game where you can compete with friends and other online players in a multiplayer game that is based on Quake. This game has some really cool graphics and useful controls. To play this game, you need to register and download a package. Once you download you are able to install and play the game.

This game has everything that quake has to offer and it is free! You have a choice of all characters that quake had to offer and several exciting new arenas. When you start a new game you first choose your character, then you set up your controls on the keyboard and mouse. You have a choice of several multiplayer games. By default the game engine chooses the arena that best suits your skill. You have the choice of choosing an arena that is more challenging than your skills. This game offers several different types of game play. They include capture the flag, Clan arena, Team death match, Free for all, and Duel.

If you are a fan of quake, you will love this game. You can download this and play online anytime with other players online. The graphics are very well designed and provides a great experience when you are playing online.

Quakelive - Play Quake Online Multiplayer For Free 1

Website: Quakelive – Play Quake Online Multiplayer For Free

Openoffice – Complete Office Suite For Your Pc

Monday, July 13th, 2009

OpenOffice – Complete Office Suite For Your PC

Open Office provides a complete office solution to your PC for free. You could compare this with MS office suite which consists of a bunch of office solutions. This application has been created based on the standard OpenDocument format to allow easy exchange of data with accepted default file formats. This has language for support for over 80 different languages.

This is usually packaged with the following office components:
Writer: A work processor similar to Microsoft Word.
Calc: A spread sheet application like Microsoft Excel. This is extremely useful for displaying reports and statistics.
Impress: A presentation program similar to Microsoft Power point
Base: A light weight database engine like Microsoft Access
Draw: A vector based drawing tool. This can be compared to Microsoft Visio, but this has far reaching capabilities to create drawings.
Math: This is a tool for editing mathematical formulae. This can be used to create all the Greek and Latin alphabets with various mathematical signs.

This is an ongoing project as well as a product. This is an opensource application which is widely used as a free alternative for MS Office in non windows systems.

Openoffice - Complete Office Suite For Your Pc 1

Website: Openoffice – Complete Office Suite For Your Pc

Whocrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

Friday, July 10th, 2009

WhoCrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

With windows, you might have faced one of the most serious and common problems of all – a crash. Applications or the windows system may often crash and completely stop responding. You may lose several files if you are unlucky when this happens. It is always good to know who the culprit is. Now it is easy to know that with WhoCrashed – A tool to find the source of an application or system crash.

WhoCrashed keeps a check over the system drivers as these are the ones that usually cause system crashes. With a single click you will get a list of all the faulty drivers. If you know the faulty driver, you can easily change the driver or reinstall to make your computer more robust and more trustable when you are doing heavy tasks that consume resources.

WhoCrashed also gives a lot of additional information which is a complete eye candy for geeks. The information provided by this is dependable. If WhoCrash cannot find the exact application, then it will find a general cause and let you know that you need to dig deeper to find the actual culprit. This is a freeware application.

Whocrashed - What Crashed Your Computer 1

Website: Whocrashed – What Crashed Your Computer

Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

Vuze is a Torrent client very similar to BitComet or uTorrent. This was previous distributed under the name of Azureus. This is a free software and you can download this without buying any licensing.

A torrent is a stream of data that you receive in bits and chunks from different computers. All these data together will join to form one file once all the data is downloaded. This is a great method to download movies, songs and big files over the internet. This is a rather simple application to use. To download a file using Vize, you just have to download a torrent file that has the information about the bits and pieces of the actual file. Once you download this Vuze starts searching for those bits and pieces and downloads them. You can see a very good view of the download process in the piece graph of the file.

Vuze - Popular Bittorrent Client 1

Website: Vuze – Popular Bittorrent Client

Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The Rightclick-Menu

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The RightClick-Menu

This is a simple application that is designed to make your experience with windows richer. If you have commonly used internet explorer or other such applications, you might have used the bookmarks utility to save the websites that you commonly visit in a quick access database. Shock Bookmark is another such utility that is bound to make your windows browsing experience faster.

In windows you usually end up having a jungle of folders and files, which gets harder and harder to manage as their number increase. With Shock Bookmark, you can just add the location of your favorite file to a list of windows bookmarks. To make things simpler, Shock Bookmark can be accessed just with right-click. You can access all the files stored in shock bookmark by just right-clicking in an empty area in the windows screen. Similarly you can add a folder, file or application by just right clicking on its icon. Now all you have to do to access your favorite file/folder is just right-click.

Shock Bookmark - Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The Rightclick-Menu 1

Website: Shock Bookmark – Bookmarks To Folders Directly From The Rightclick-Menu

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